The Red Chandelier

Arts & Culture

"At Gonzaga, we believe you are called to live, learn and explore, not comfortably at the center of the culture, but at the frontiers—the cutting edge, the margins, the places that require courage."

-Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.
配资不允许买涨停的股票 President of Gonzaga University

True to our Jesuit identity, we embrace artistic creation and appreciation as central to our mission.

Jundt Art Museum

Jundt Art Museum

配资不允许买涨停的股票The Jundt Art Museum is home to the University's permanent collection and presents temporary exhibits.

The Bing Crosby House at 508 E. Sharp Avenue

Crosby Museum

More than 200 artifacts are on display in the childhood home of our famed alumnus, Bing Crosby.